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APPLY HERE- United Nations UN Set To Send 400,000 African Youths To Europe For Training

African Union AUand the United Nations UN have launched an innovation programme during the 72nd
general assembly that they think will curb youth unemployment in Africa.

The programme will train young people in creative skills and innovations and is also expected to benefit
400,000 youth.

Ms Rosa Malango, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) representative, said the
proposed programme scale up model, will aim to connect youth across Africa to their role models, peers,
resources, skills, economic opportunities and build on already ongoing innovations in the continent.

“Our hope is that ideas such as these will give youth space to create novel innovations that will enable
them to contribute to reducing the youth unemployment challenge in the continent today,” Ms Malango
said at the launch of the programme in New York.

“We strongly believe in the power of learning and peer networking. We shall, therefore, ensure that the
programme enriches the youth with a lot of information,” Mr Bigirimana said.
He also revealed that the training will be ongoing process which will be in batches and urge all African
Youths to make use of the opportunity wisely.


  • Must be from any country in Africa
  • Must be aged 18-55 year.
  • Must be free to travel to Germany next month

NOTE: Application is free of charge and all travelling expenses will be sponsored by the company.


  • No multiple application is required.
  • All application must be online on this platform.
  • Start Application online using the Application Link provided.

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  1. am a cameroonian. my goal in life is to make a difference positively were ever I go and put in all I can in what ever I do. and help the world in my own little eforts. will like to be a part of this work.

  2. Iam a Ugandan national, aged 28 years old with a bachelors degree in IT and I want to work with UUN

  3. I want to work with UN. Am a Ugandan national aged 28 years old with a degree in IT

  4. Please I really need to attend one of the training and am looking forward to your reply

  5. I am a Ugandan citizen, A medical records assistant.

  6. I cannot find the link, would you kindly avail it? Thanks

  7. There is no application link here.

  8. JE SUIS INTERESSE PAR LE RECRUTEMENT DES NATIONS UNIS POUR LE S 400 000 JEUNES AFRICAINS VERS L’EUROPE.JE SUIS IVOIRIENS J’ai le niveau baccalaureat et j’ai 43 ans pas encore de situations stable.
    VOICI MON CONTACT:(+225 59 09 32 36)

  9. My name is cabdulaahi maxa med from somalai

  10. But pls I dont see any link here for applications
    How can I apply

  11. How can I apply here.

  12. Hi dear am called yahye young Kenyan citizen Somali origin living in northern kenya am highly appreciated if I get this chance

  13. Sandrine Mukandayisenga

    I am Rwandan citizen and I am interested for this training. this is my email sandras_1989@yahoo.fr

  14. Am by the names kiiza Alice I need a scholarship to further my studies am an Enrolled midwife….thnx

  15. Moussa Haladou Abdoulaye

    Je suis vraiment intéressé

  16. Good day I am interested to aply and I need to find out more African youths to Europe for training program and how to apply

  17. mbonigaba jean de Diej

    I am applying for the job

  18. I don’t see the link for this application of UN

  19. Hello, please i cant find the link to apply for the AU/UN youth opportunity. Can you please help me?

  20. Please i cant find the link to drop my application

  21. Please can i have application link ? Thanks

  22. I need your help,I want to study medicine in France

  23. I’am AMEGBEGNUIE koffi, I have m’y DTA un Insurance.I’m togolese I’am 46 Years old

  24. Joblessness has been d only problem in Africa in general. With this, there will be a great improvement in the country. A thank you to the very company

  25. Am fidelis okwor, a b.sc holder from Nasarawa state university, Keffi.

  26. I request you all sirs who members to accept me my reqaust like this I’m pharmacist

  27. I interest doctrol to be doctor

  28. I Mworking any where I need to be employee of who I’m pharmacist I’m Ethiopian so accept me

  29. This UN Initiative targeting the 400,000 African youth is appropriate program that all youth in Africa should embrace to widen their skills in the areas of innovation. Most African countries boast of having a youthful populous but the issue is not about the Numbers of young people in those African countries, but rather the quality and the productivity of such a youthful populous in those countries. In many African countries, the youth have been left out to gamble their way out to success, of course which many have succeeded in irrespective of the high rates of unemployment. But still many remain unemployed and engaged in criminal activities, such a populous is a threat to the African security. With these, UN PROGRAM I am humbled that the African youth can once again afford a smile at a time when most of the governments in their respective countries are investing much in fire arm purchases for defending the dictatorial leaders! Thanks UN

  30. Fayiny Gildford Nfor

    Thanks love it.

  31. I am in Ghana and interested how do l apply

  32. Am interested and am from zambia 25 years old

  33. Am very much interested and can work anywhere.. 25years old and am from Zambia

  34. Not seeing the above mentioned link for the application form, please send it to my email:

  35. i am somali i want free visa to america
    i am 19years old i am university level in this year
    i live in somaliya erigavo city
    so i want free life to work my famliy and may salef
    how i can get free visa of America or Eurupuan cunters
    please help me to taravel in America to study and work please and please thank you for recpect me 100%
    note i am not bad man i am honest

  36. Akenyan man who needs ajob.

  37. Please include me to take abacheler of law, I missed that chance,please make it happen.

  38. Marion Marie Bangura

    I will appreciate if considered for such an opportunity.

  39. couldn’t get the application link.can you forward the link to me please? tidowu21@gmail.com

  40. I am tsegaye beletew from Ethiopia i have 4th year Electrical and computer engineering student so i want to learn and develop my potential please give me this chance

  41. Mukisa Joshua Ssuubi

    I cannot find the link to the application of youths to be taken for training, am requesting for the link please. Thank you

  42. je suis intéressé pour cette opportunité

  43. I am a youth from Africa. I am very interested in this program. However, i can not find a link, can anyone assist me please.
    Thank you

  44. Am applying for the United Nations Africa Youth Training in Europe. Am a 28years old young man from Malawi. I will be glad if my application meets your favourable consideration.

  45. Hi am interested in the scholarship am refugee

  46. As I don’t see the link may you send it to me on my email

  47. Please i don’t know if I’ve applied successfully, please kindly notify me if i have.

  48. Thank you very much UNICEF for the oppurtunity you’ve given to me, I believe that this is a dream come true√√

  49. Pleas I am interested in this opportunity given us as a African youth please accepts me as one of you applicant

  50. Emmanuel king Owusu Agyeman

    I really want to join this scholarship to enhance my ideas in life and to promote our in such field acquired

  51. please send me the applcation link.

  52. Hello.
    I am from Ethiopia I’m very glad to get such like jobs that you posted, because it has two meanings for me the first one I will serve as a volunteer & the second one is it will be paid for me.

  53. Lambert Leinyuy Wirdze Shiyntum

    I am a Cameroonian with a PhD in Educational Psychology. I am interested in the UN program for training young Africans for creative skills and innovation.

  54. Sikhanyiso Magagula

    Would you please send me the link.

  55. I’m very eager to join & work with you.

  56. I’m really chance full if I get a chance to work with you.

  57. I am interested in working with you iam hotelmanagement degree program 3rd year student I’m 23 I live in Ethiopia AddisAbaba please contact me by +251919477541.thank you.

  58. My name is Mugabi Philemon, I completed a bachelor’s in biomedical engineering recently, and I am really eager to learn more about the field of engineering and the medical sector. I can travel freely and I have amassed enough knowledge to be helpful to your organisation. I would be ggrateful if my application is considered.

  59. I like to be with u people to study hery heard I giving the oppunit to study.

  60. Pacifique Nkurunziza

    Hallo, i’m Pacifique Nkurunziza from Rwanda I’m very happy for this opportunity you give I’d wish to be the one among those who will be accepted ,I were finish my senior studies in the lass year , so I thanks you so much during this time I’m waiting your best unsure!!

  61. Je suis infirmier d’Etat de nationalité Guinéenne, je suis intéressé de la bourse d’étude offert par les N U pour améliorer mon niveau d’éducation.

  62. how to apply for this opportunity?

  63. Am really interested in the training

  64. I would love to join. I am beenzu kaongolo and I am from Zambia. I have a Bachelor of Arts with Education in geography and English.


    Please alargerble to ur service

  66. Good day am interested in joining The team for the UN African youth training Dt you advertised but I could not get any link of application

    • Thanks to the team for this anouncement!
      I am very interested in this oppurtunity but I cant find any link as said in the anouncement.
      Please will somebody mind to send me the link?
      Thanks in advance.

  67. Jennifer Yul pam-tok

    I like to be part of this programme cos i have passion for community work.

  68. Am interested

  69. I request for this opportunity to get

  70. Thanks for informative directive but how must I apply, the link can go through. …

  71. Marketing and communication

  72. I need to join

  73. I would link to get the opportunity to go to train there in Europe

  74. Ricardo André Mussungo

    Iam very interested to be part of the project.

  75. Manza Heinrich Jonathan

    I need that opportunity

  76. Can’t find the link, kindly indicate it so we can apply.

  77. Please i want to join i need this opportunity please am beginning

  78. Did u manage to join?

  79. Am trying to apply but I Can’t seem to find the application form online. Any help?

  80. Good for the opportunity.
    Please can I get the link to apply?
    Because I can’t find it here.
    Thank you.

  81. Am attempting to apply but I can’t find the application link please help me

  82. I really need to be part of this program because it will help me meet different peoples and learn different cultures which I intend to bring back home and contributes to the capacity building of my country Liberia.

  83. How can i apply

  84. Great opportunity there,count on me n keep it up UNDP.

  85. Am interested
    Pls for the application link

  86. ismail husein mohamed

    i would like to get work or education scholar i am in africa plz select me sir/madam

  87. Saliho Sannie Nyei

    I wish to apply for said opportunity. i’m a Liberian.

  88. I can’t see the link to use for the application. Could be please guide me though?

  89. I want to be part Please.but I can’t find the portal to apply.

  90. Thomas Y Jarjugwiah, Jr.

    Hi am Thomas Y Jarjugwiah, Jr am a Liberian and a junior student studying applied agriculture at Tubman university in Harper Maryland Liberia. Am really interested and wants to joined.

  91. Thomas Y Jarjugwiah, Jr.

    Hi am Thomas Y Jarjugwiah, Jr am a Liberian and a junior student studying applied agriculture at Tubman university in Harper Maryland Liberia. Am really interested and wants to joined. Please don’t forget me.

  92. Am interested in joining

  93. Where is the link?? Can someone help please???

  94. I thank the in representive to give out this program.may God bless him and protect his family

  95. I need to join

  96. Interesting and anxieting adventure.

  97. Je suis très intéressé pour le lotory je vous tantai men chence

  98. Je suis très intéressé pour lotory par ceque on n’a des jeunes on beugion de l’aide merci

  99. Work and study in Europe

  100. Thanks for the opportunity

  101. Im from Liberia, firstly I will like to thank the UN for such Idea, meanwhily I really want to be a part of such a great pragram, My email is vkennethtarr@gmail.com, please send Me a link or website to register to be part of Your program.
    Again I will say many many thanks to the UN for Us All…

  102. II am interested

  103. I really want to apply for this prestigious opportunity but I’m unable to view the link for application because of google ads. Is it possible that the Link can be shared directly on my email so that I can open directly by following it from my email?… Help please!

  104. Kagezi Edgar Timothy

    I appreciate it all management.

  105. Archils Omondi Oburu


  106. Kagezi Edgar Timothy

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am Kagezi Edgar Timothy , a Ugandan by nationality and a student at Makerere University College of Computing and Information Science.
    I appreciate the opportunity granted to us ,
    Thanks very much management.

  107. Fidelis Fondoh Forbi

    I am interested

  108. Please help me as I get this single chance of doing/working with UN.

  109. i am very interested! i need to join, please help me!! i beg you!! God wil bless you!!

  110. It is like a dream come true ……I desperately wanted to join!

  111. How do i apply

  112. How true is this,because there a lot of fake post these days

  113. I’m so excited with this internship volunteer in United Nation because there are fews members in Tanzania like Hoyce Temu who inspire me to join with ya. Second according to my strong technical capabilities and skills I can contribute with your organization only if will permit me. I’m a candidate who competent enough and able to copy and change according to the environment. My outstanding personal traits include self motivated, commitment to work, excellent communication skills, a good team player with high level of interpersonal skills, a good constant deadlines with minimum supervision

  114. Im Iterested.help me please

  115. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Good day, I saw the scholarship on the Internet please am interested.

  116. My name is jabes alfred tembo, from zambia, i have a Bsc degree in mathematics education, i wisj to do a masters degree in the same field…will be happy if my aplication can be considered

  117. I am interested

  118. how do I apply because i am interested

  119. am Musili Nzomo completed diploma in logistic and supply chain management. am able and willing to attend the training in Europe, contact me via 0702256308,am in Kenya

  120. I’m interested

  121. I’m interested in joining .I’ll appre if you’ll consider me.

  122. I’m interested, I’ll appreciate if I’ll be among the lucky 400,000.Please consider me.

  123. Achu Ndum Didimos

    Really want to be part of this training session to Europe.will be looking forward to you.thank you…

  124. Achu Ndum Didimos

    Really want to be part of this training session to Europe.will be looking forward to you.thank you….

  125. I am interested ..so please send me all the details

  126. I am interested but am not seeing the link
    Am from Uganda
    my email I’D- ntegehenry41@gmail.com

  127. Thanks to all the supporters may God bless them all abundantly

  128. I am interested.

  129. I would like to work with the organization please contact

  130. I dearly need this opportunity.

  131. Where do I fill the application

  132. Hello ! My name is Tomasngar Exauce, i live on togo, i have 20 years old, i am interested please help me.

  133. Am very interested and willing to participate in the program.

  134. its good to hear that great chance and most of us are interested in joining this programme so as to study and enhance changes in our mother continent africa as well as our lives we would like to join but only the link is disturbing us hope to be given some kind of assistance my email is ssenkaayikn1@gmail.om

  135. May I am part of ur trainee

  136. Am interested but I can’t see the link where to apply

  137. I need to join

  138. Bii Silvester Kipkorir

    Am interested

  139. I’m interested. I’m a Nigerian. please include me in the process. can’t find a link page to register properly. thanks!

  140. I’m interested. I’m a Nigerian. thanks!

  141. Sandra Sando Sombai

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Can you please help me with the link to apply?

  142. how can one have the link of applying

  143. I am interested and willing to participate in the programme. Please how can I register

  144. Much interested but l can’t find the link to apply..

  145. I am interested in this training and it will be helpful if we know more about this program and we can’t find the link to apply…please help.

  146. Hi I’m interested to study please contact me


  148. Joseph aime ayissi

    I am interested to join the group..

  149. I need the link to apply

  150. Tiogang Nguebou Octave Dior

    Please can someone help me with the link for application. I need it so much.
    Please help, it’s my only option…. The way out.

  151. i’m NIBIGIRA Hervé, from BURUNDI…i need to join. Thank you

  152. Hello my name is Idrissa Tholley am from Sierra Leone.
    I am interested in this program please help me…

  153. willing to go.But I can’t find alink.kelvin from Kenya

  154. the link please

  155. I don’t see a link here

  156. I would like to be part of this training. ..study and become a person who will change the world.

  157. Michael Amoah interested (Bsc Accounting)

  158. How would one apply? I am very eager to apply for this good youth opportunity but i could not find the way. I am a final year student at the University of Namibia doing Bachelor of Education in Social Science. Please help.

  159. Pls am interested

  160. I will like to have the opportunity to apply to the training in Europe

  161. Wow thanks for updating me such an information that seems to be essential to my life. However, I will like to know the exact Link for this opportunity because am trying the application link mentioned earlier in your communication but that is not going through ok!!! I really don’t want to miss this opportunity so please provide me the actual Link to apply… My Mail address is available for that.

  162. Lopezi Elvis Ndah

    I haven’t seen any link to appl

  163. Hello, how can I apply?

  164. how to apply this apportunity ?

  165. Hello, this is Rachel i am interested in joining. could you please send me the link for application via my email address provided below

  166. Hello, I am Senegalese and I just finish my MBA program in Malaysia, I am interested.
    please send me guidelines to my email address

  167. Puh Chandone Issa

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    How can one apply for this.
    We see opportunities but we can’t find a way forward. please guide on how to proceed.
    I can’t wait to apply.

  168. Shey Miranda manfor

    Am a graduate from the university in pharmacy technology in search of a job am interested in your opportunity that you are offering

  169. please management.

    How do i apply

  170. Hi there, Opio here, where is the link we can follow to apply. thanks

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